My police experience

My favourite part of my police experience was when they showed us all their gadgets. The taser, the pepper spray, the handcuffs and my personal favourite the baton. It was a mini metal rod that extends into the size of a walking stick when you strike really hard with it. Okay know this sounds  all babyish  so let me put some photos in and yes, I apologise for not doing my hair. The police officers were kind enough  to sign peoples arms, pieces of paper, plates and hats in both English and Chinese. The experience was so amaze balls, that's right I said it amaze balls that people cried when they left. I KNOW IDIOTIC. GUYS, YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THE POLICE LEFT. Okay I just sound like a YouTube click baiter, but here's the video.  Enjoy

Second Mona Lisa

This is me and I'm an artist, just kidding. I outlined my face on google drawing. Is that cheating? Comment down below. Did you actually think a mature year 6 like me would write something like that. Comment down below. Nah that wasn't funny. So now I am going to explain this piece of art. So I did outlined my handsome face on google drawing and I also put a blue background to make it complex, because I'm like that. For my main background I mixed gold and orange because those two colours are a match in heaven, and my face is made from heaven so together = Beauty. For the other side I put red and light red because I like red and I didn't know what else to do. If you don't know I'm being honest this is actually what was going on in my head when I was doing this Master piece I call  Second Mona Lisa. 


If there was something in this worldI would change, I wouldend pollution.Pollution is a bigproblem. If pollution wasn't a thing, the world would be beautiful. No rubbish in the ocean, the water would be clean, more marine life. That's just theocean mate, we still have air and land. People wouldn't get sick because of breathing in pollution.Think about it, fresh air everyday + NO global warming sounds pretty nice.   The earth would be so clean. Literally. It would be OCD heaven aka Miss Kings Heaven.Okay That sentence before this sentence was to make people laugh, now that I think of it, it's like really stupid so don't mind that #stupidnesstoanotherlevel. Okay that was dry as well. Back to the whole point of this blog. If there were no pollutionon land then all prayers will be answered. I just said that to make it dramatic.But, you get the point. Just in case you don't get the point I will write it for you No pollution = Better world.

All About Me!


My worst memory was when I travelled to India and I got stung by a really dangerous bee whilst I was sleeping outside. I remember waking up with this deadly pain in my pinky I looked down at my fingers to see what was wrong and I saw this BIG BLACK HOLE on my pinky and everything around it was swollen. The pain was so unbearable and so painful I could still remember the pain to this day. 

I am Ruben Kumar I currently live in Manurewa. My house is 11.9 km from the school actually 11.9091 km but, details and Yes! I come to Kingsford everyday despite the distance. I was born in 2008 on July the 13th. I’m Indian/Samoan. 
Dad’s Indian. His name is Deepak, he’s from a area called Jalandhar. My Mum is Samoan, her name is Lolotua, Lolo for short. I think she was born somewhere in Savaii. Nana/dads mum is also from Jalandhar, Her name is Saroj.

My favourite foods are indian food, korean food, chinese food, malaysian, japanese food, fried chicken, burgers, and pizzas. If I had to choos…